Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I register?
  • After registration, when you choose an answer on one part of the website, it can be used anywhere on the site. You never have to input information twice.
  • Registration makes it possible for you to visit many times. Each time you login, you continue based on choices you made before. As you add further choices, you can overwrite any previous one. Current information can then be used to select professions that most interest you. You also can create a resume without re-entering the information.
  • Your information will be confidential as described in the website privacy policy.
Why were these professions chosen for me?
  • The Opportunity Finder first shows you one profession from each of three preferred career areas. This is based on the careers that most interest you, and your answers about what you look for in a job.
  • Each answer is compared to survey results for over 650 professions. If the answer and survey result match, that makes the profession more likely to be one you would like. If the answer is very different that the survey result, that lowers the possibility of the profession being a good match.
  • Results are based on how well each of your answers matches survey responses from each of the professions. After a great number of calculations and a short pause, you see the results.
Can I try the Opportunity Finder again, to see if the results change?
  • Yes. Each time you go to the Opportunity Finder, your previous choices are shown. You can keep those or make any changes before the results are again calculated.
Can I try the Decision Coach again, to see if the results change?
  • Yes. If your Opportunity Finder results have not changed, your previous Decision Coach choices are shown. You can keep those or make changes to see which profession is listed highest for you, and why.
How do I see other professions?
    Detailed information about more than 650 professions is available through the Career Directory, a Front Burner Upgrade feature.
How can I make changes to my resume?
  • Each time you return to the Resume Builder, the information from your previous visit is available for you. You also can change or add new information up to the point that a new resume is created.
  • The Front Burner Upgrade includes further options for resumes. You can choose from multiple formats, keep separate resumes for each profession, and export your resume for further editing.